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This latch has been designed to work in conjunction with the Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table - by Front Runneror Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table - by Front Runnerand Under-Rack Table Brackets - by Front Runner to make taking a sturdy table along with you on your travels as simple and effortless as possible. Keeps the Pro Stainless Steel Camp/Prep Table - by Front Runner securely stored in the Under-Rack Table Brackets. Secured to the top of the Slimline II roof rack using the T-slot and clamps over the lip of the table to keep it in place. A rubber insert prevents rattling and damage to the table. Spring loaded for ease of use. Lockable for added security. Made of 3CR12 stainless steel and is black powder-coated in the same durable and corrosion resistant coating as the Front Runner Slimline II roof rack.

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