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Three (3) high-performance, high beam LED's improves visibility in difficult driving conditions. The 2000lumen light beam reaches a distance of 200m at a 10-degree angle. Dual functional use: an auxiliary high beam and a frontal position light. Both options are fully ECE-compliant. The reflector design provides very high optical efficiency with an even light distribution as well as keeps the light from blinding oncoming traffic. To accommodate heavy-duty use, the searchlight is equipped with a durable polycarbonate lens. Supplied with an integrated driver and thermal management system which eliminates the risk of overheating and aids in the longevity of its lifespan. Over and under-voltage protection automatically breaks the circuit when power exceeds the predetermined current for a specified amount of time. The 12V/24V LED lightbar is versatile in application and is not limited to automotive use only. Secures to your Front Runner Roof Rack with LED OSRAM Light Bar MX140-WD/MX140-SP Mounting Bracket - by Front Runner.

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