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With an illuminance of one lux at an angle of 8 degrees, these LEDs reach 270m ensuring obstacles are visible far in advance. 12 high-performance LEDs provides better visibility with 2600 lumen and 6000 Kelvin color. The intelligent reflector design diverts the light from the LEDs so that oncoming traffic is only indirectly exposed to the light and reduces glare. To complement its use, the LED auxiliary light is equipped with a robust polycarbonate lens. They work whether the air temperature is a very cold -30 or a hot 60 degrees Celsius. The integrated driver and thermal management system, measures and regulates the temperature of the LED, preventing damage caused by overheating and aids in the longevity of its lifespan. Over and under-voltage protection automatically breaks the circuit when powder exceeds a set amount for a specified amount of time. The 12V/24V LED lightbar compact is versatile in application and is not limited to automotive use only. Secures to your Front Runner Roof Rack with LED OSRAM Light Bar SX180-SP/SX300-SP Mounting Bracket - by Front Runner.

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