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Stage 1X - Extra Heavy Duty Sprung Organic

Stage 1X - Extra Heavy Duty Sprung Organic


Extra Heavy Duty Organic Clutch Kits /-1AX

The Extra Heavy Duty range of upgrades from Xtreme Outback are designed to offer the highest levels of performance for heavily modified street and off-road vehicles. These kits offer a significant increase in clamping force (30-60% above the factory clutch) over the stage 1 equivalents and are designed specifically for vehicles that have had significant aftermarketing tuning and performance upgrades. Originally designed as an upgrade for the 4.5L V8 TD 70 Series LandCruiser, these kits have quickly become one of the most popular upgrades in the Xtreme Outback range and are now available for the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Hilux. Each kit is carefully developed in-house at Xtreme Outback and tested extensively around the world.

These kits still integrate the sprung organic friction disc as seen in the stage 1 kits, making them extremely driveable. The kits are also designed to provide significant increases in clamping force without significantly increasing the pedal effort required to operate the clutch.