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Stage 1 - Kit Embraiagem Xtreme Ouback

Stage 1 - Kit Embraiagem Xtreme Ouback

Stage 1:

Heavy Duty Organic Clutch Kit /-1A

Xtreme Outback Stage 1 heavy duty upgrades are the most popular kits in the Xtreme Outback range. Incorporating a heavy duty pressure plate (Normally 15-40% higher clamping force depending on the application) combined with a sprung organic friction disc, these kits are ideal for vehicles that are regularly used off-road and for towing whilst also being driven everyday. Each kit is developed to offer all of the components required for a successful installation and many also include a single-mass conversion flywheel.


Organic Friction Discs

Organic friction discs are the most drivable options in the range. The discs have been designed to provide great durability and performance whilst offering the best drivability for the street. The discs are ideal for applications such as towing, but are limited in heat capacity so are not recommended for motorsport applications.

Heavy Duty Pressure Plate

Xtreme Outback heavy duty pressure plates have been carefully designed and engineered to ensure significant increases in clamping force whilst also retaining excellent pedal feel. We carefully analyse and test kits to ensure not only the performance when new, but also how the clamping force diminishes over the lifecycle of the product, give our products the edge in performance throughout the life of the clutch.

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